The East Grinstead and District Guild of Church Bell Ringers
The East Grinstead and District Guild of Church Bell Ringers

List of towers within the Guild area

To view the list, click on the first letter of the tower name


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The list of towers gives details of the number of bells, weight of tenor and (where known) each tower's practice night.


The following links are available for each tower listed:


  • "Google Map" displays the location of the tower on a Google Map, as shown in Dove' s Guide for Church Bell Ringers.  You can zoom in and out of this map in the normal way


  • "Dove" opens the relevant page in Dove' s Guide for Church Bell Ringers


  • "Sussex", "Surrey" and "Kent" open the relevant page on that association website (where available)


  • "Tower" links to the tower or church website (where available).  If you spot any errors on those websites, please contact the tower or church concerned, not the EGDG Webmaster!
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