The East Grinstead and District Guild of Church Bell Ringers
The East Grinstead and District Guild of Church Bell Ringers

The East Grinstead and District Guild of Church Bell Ringers

E. J. Oliver Rope Fund Rules


1.  The fund shall be known as the East Grinstead and District Guild of Church Bell Ringers Rope Fund.

2.  The object of the Fund shall be to advance the Christian religion by providing financial assistance to churches mainly, but not entirely, within the normal area of operation of the Guild (as defined in the Rules) for the purpose of purchasing ropes to enable Church bells to be rung in the English tradition.

3.  The Fund shall be administered by the Committee of the Guild, appointed according to the Rules thereof. The Committee may in its absolute discretion, after considering an application submitted to it, make a grant from the Fund for the purposes defined in Rule 2.

4.  The Committee shall have the power to raise funds and invite and receive contributions from any person or persons by way of subscription donation and otherwise provided that the Fund shall not undertake any permanent trading activities.

5a.  The Chairman and Treasurer of the Guild, together with two members of the Guild elected at the Guild's AGM shall act as Trustees of the Fund.

5b.  Such bank accounts as may be required may be opened in the name of the Fund. The power to sign cheques shall be vested in the Trustees, the signatures of at least two being required on any one cheque.

5c.  The capital and income of the Fund shall be invested in any manner the Trustees may think fit in the best interests of the Fund.

6.  In the event of dissolution of the Fund all assets remaining after the payment of all just debts shall be paid or transferred to some other charitable institution or institutions having objects similar to those of the Fund, and, if effect cannot be given to the same then to some other charitable purpose.

7.  The Treasurer shall prepare a balance sheet as at 31st December of each year and a Statement of Financial Activities for the year ended on that date which shall be approved by the Trustees and presented to the members of the Guild at their Annual General Meeting.  This rule shall be deemed to have been in effect from 1st January 2014.

8.  No alteration to, addition to or deletion from these Rules shall be made so as to cause the Fund at any time to cease to be a charity in law, and no alteration shall be made to Rule 2, Rule 6 or this Rule without the prior approval of the charity Commission. Changes to these Rules shall only be made at the AGM of the Guild or at an extraordinary General Meeting of the Guild specially called for this purpose. Notice of any proposed changes to these Rules shall be given to the Secretary of the Guild not less than one calendar month prior to the date of that General Meeting.


Dated 14 March 2015 (Incorporates 2015 AGM changes)


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